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Concrete Polishing
Utilizing a seven step process we bring out the natural beauty of your concrete and its natural reflectivity. Polishing
Concrete Staining
Staining Concrete is the process of applying different chemicals to change the way the concrete looks. Concrete Staining
Epoxy Flooring
Epoxy coating is a sealer that is added as a top layer to concrete to protect it. Epoxy Flooring
Concrete Stamping
Concrete Stamping is a method of adding texture to concrete. Stamping concrete gives it a custom look. Concrete Stamping

Concrete Made Beautiful
Whether you’re looking for a commercial or residential application, Crete-Rite creates professional results. Our products bring rich, complex, high-end finishes to your concrete flooring needs.
Why use Crete-Rite?
Experienced, professional installers
Virtually unlimited designs, patterns, and color options
Complete project customization
Extremely durable applications for high traffic areas
Quick install times
VOC options (GREEN)
Can be installed pre or post construction
Low maintenance

If you are a General Contractor, Builder, Owner, or Facilities Manager who is looking for a commercial flooring company, Crete-Rite has the experience. We can provide a solution in spaces up to 150,000 Sq.Ft.
We have transformed the following types of floors:
Restaurants and Food Service
Parking Garage
Hotel and Condo
Office Lobby and Hall
Give Crete-Rite an opportunity to bid on your project. We work on-time, within budget and produce professional results.

Chicago Concrete Services.
CreteRite was established with the intent to provide the consumer an extensive technique to make already existing concrete stunning. We believe typical concrete is a palette unto which the customer could develop a unique and enduring artwork.

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