The first reference found of Kingman is from the Alta Arizona, a newspaper published in Mineral Park. The issue of 10 June 1882 states, “There is a new town on the tapis at or near Beale Springs.”

In October 1882, the Alta Arizona refers to the sampling works at Kingman, also saying that Middleton is to be hereafter named Kingman, where in November 1882, a rooming house, stores and other buildings were going up.

Conrad Shenfield, contractor for the track laying for the railroad, was an entrepreneur of sorts, obtaining land at various locations along the route of the railroad. He established and sold lots in Kingman before clear title of the land was obtained. It appears that Shenfield ran afoul of the law and some finagling went on. The town site location was not railroad land, but belonged to the United States.

The town of Kingman, located on the railroad, grew rapidly in the first few years. More growth was encouraged by the move of the Mohave County Miner in 1886 to Kingman. The Miner was originally established at Mineral Park in 1882.

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